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Career & Mentorships Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Our team is focused on high-quality client care as well as high-quality therapist care. As a member of our team, it is important that you as a practitioner have the ability to safely perform your services. Not only will you have an opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, you will also be in an environment of support. If you would like to learn better body mechanics, technical skills, and how to be successful, this is the team for you.

If you are interested in career opportunities at Creating a Sweet Sustainable You, please Contact Us.

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Mentorship Opportunities

Candi Williamson

Our goal is to provide a work environment that supports our team in reaching their full potential. Our office focuses on therapeutic massage and specialty services. Our team members consist of therapists who are talented and eager to learn more.  Our clientele provides us with challenging cases that the average therapist may not know how to work with. Here we have a combination of highly skilled and experienced therapists that can step into the session and assessment process, or take time outside of the scheduled appointments to train team members. Our team work allows us to work with a wide variety of issues presented by our clientele.

We also have a strong focus on body mechanics and self-care. Helping others by giving massages should not hurt the body of the therapist.  We want each member of our team to love what they are doing and feel their best while doing it.

If you have been looking to improve your body mechanics, reduce pain by learning better massage techniques, and learn new skills, this is the team for you!

Please provide a resume with your experience and education as well as a cover letter describing your desire to join our team.