811 East 5th Avenue
Chico, Ca 95926

Etiquette & Policies

First Time Appointment:

Prior to your first appointment, you may be required to complete an Intake Form in order to allow us to safely deliver our services and minimize the risk of injury. You will be asked to provide your personal and medical history, to the best of your knowledge.

Please note, different services require different intake forms.

Creating A Sustainable You assures all client information is kept confidential and will remain that way.

Age Requirements:

Minors are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive services. Parent/guardian will sign intake form/waivers on their behalf.

Parent/guardian may also be asked to sit in on the first session and is welcome to do so for all sessions.

Appointments and Add-On Services:

For your convenience, appointments may be made in person, over the phone, or online.

Staff must be informed of any Add-On Services when making the appointment in order to schedule any additional time that may be needed for Add-On Services.

Late Arrivals:

We encourage you to arrive on time for your appointment so that you may receive the full length of the scheduled session. Late arrival on part of the client may result in a shortened length of appointment with the full appointment charge.

Full price will be charged and time deducted from your total treatment for late arrivals.

No Show:

If you don’t call and don’t show up for your appointment you will be charged the full value of the scheduled session. If you were planning on using a Gift Certificate for the missed session, it will result in the full loss of the Gift Certificate.

Cancellation Policy:

We require 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment with no charge. Less than 24 hours notice, we will do our best to fill the appointment in which there would be no cancellation fee. If we are unable to fill the appointment due to the late cancellation, the charge will be 50% of scheduled session.

For your convenience, we offer text confirmations and reminders. Please speak to our staff to ensure you have signed up for text messages.


Massage/bodywork is not appropriate for infectious or contagious illness. Sometimes a massage when you’re ill can make you feel much worse. Please cancel your appointment as soon as you are aware of an infectious or contagious condition for the sake of your personal health, and the health of the therapist and other clients.


Inappropriate language/actions (sexual misconduct) will not be tolerated for the protection of both the clients and the staff. Sessions will immediately end. Our professionals strive to make you feel safe, comfortable and help you heal, both physically and mentally.

We encourage all clients to communicate openly with staff to ensure they feel safe and comfortable at all times. You may also end your session and ask to speak to a manager at any time.

If a client is inappropriate, the client will be charged the full price and may be asked to not return.

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are perfect for any occasion. They may be purchased for any of our individual treatments or packages. There are no refunds for Gift Certificates.

Please remember to bring your Gift Certificate or Gift Card with you. Without the G.C. present to verify value, payment may be expected for scheduled session.

For Your Comfort:

Please disclose any medical conditions and/or prescription medications to your professionals. Please advise our staff of any allergies, sensitivities, or if you are pregnant.

Our staff is highly trained professionals who are sensitive to your comfort and modesty at all times. You may undress to your comfort level.

While our staff is knowledgeable at reading your body, we highly suggest you have open communication with your therapist. We encourage you to speak up and let us know if the pressure is to firm or soft. Likewise, our professionals may work on a connected area to those that are affected. Feel free to ask questions, speak your mind, and simply relax.


We are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. You may bring personal property into the room with you. However, space inside the rooms are limited. We suggest that large items be left at home or in your vehicle.


Gratuities are highly appreciated and solely at your discretion.

Payment Methods:

Cash, Checks, Credit Card, and Creating A Sustainable You Gift Certificates.