Knee Massage

By Candi Williamson

Our knees are important for so much movement.  There are many reasons why a knee may be experiencing pain.  Sometimes it’s the muscles above and below it, sometimes it’s dysfunction in the foot or hip or it could be from dysfunction in the other leg or low back.

But sometimes our knees become sore simply from use or overuse.  Spending a few minutes massaging the attachments around the knee can bring great relief.  The patellar tendon is where the quadriceps attached to the patella (knee cap). Below is the patellar ligament that attaches to the tibialis (shin bone) and there are ligaments on either side of the knee as well. It’s important to give these tendon/ligament areas massage as they are not as vascular as skeletal muscle tissue and are in high friction areas. This can reduce inflammation and allow for more ease in movement.