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Pain Management Workshops

The following courses are led by Jeanette Conery, our Therapeutic Yoga Specialist. With more than 500 hours of training (and counting), she has a broad knowledge of anatomy, chronic illness, and pain. She’s skilled and passionate about empowering you to move with safety and ease, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Jeanette Conery

Healthy Spine Series

Explore your body in a calm, supportive atmosphere. This is a movement-based yoga class that incorporates europlasticity, relaxation, body/breath awareness, and basic core strength. You’ll go through a series of movements designed to release tension and strengthen all parts of the spine. You’ll practice skills that will help keep you pain-free as you move about your daily life. This course is extremely gentle and safe for people with spinal and other injuries, but you’ll need to be able to get up and down from the floor. Before the course begins, you will have a private 30-minute intake assessment with Jeanette, which will help ensure safety and results. If you have long-term, chronic, severe pain, begin with the Chronic Pain course.

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Chronic Pain Course

Living with chronic pain is exhausting, and it’s so frustrating when you’ve been to all the specialists and nothing seems to work. Perhaps the doctors can’t even find any reason for your
pain. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to manage your pain without the aid of prescription narcotics. This course will empower you to take your life back by educating you on the latest in pain science. You’ll
learn tools to reprogram your nervous system, keeping your body, breath, and mind calm. You’ll also learn practical strategies to avoid flare-ups, and manage them when they do happen. This course
incorporates a minimal level of movement practice, so it’s safe for those with spinal and other injuries. If you have severe chronic pain, this course is perfect to take before moving on to the Healthy Spine Series. It includes a private 30-minute assessment with Jeanette, so you can be sure to get what you

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Shoulder Mobility & Control for Athletes

Shoulder Mobility and Control for Athletes: Being an athlete, you’re active and strong. You ask a lot from your body, and you know it performs best when you give it the care it needs. This three-hour workshop will give you strategies to balance the tension with a focus on the neck, upper back, and shoulders. We’ll start off with powerful release techniques, followed by mobilization, stabilization, and active and passive stretching. Interwoven into everything is body/breath awareness, which maximizes the impact of your efforts. You can expect to improve your posture and learn to access your nervous system to create ease of movement in your body. You’ll also learn about common mistakes made by athletes and how to avoid them. Build a powerful body that moves with freedom. This course is not recommended for people with spinal injuries, stenosis, disc problems, etc.

Dates: June

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