811 East 5th Avenue
Chico, Ca 95926

Massage @ Stand Alone MMA Location

We have opened a satellite location inside Stand Alone Mixed Martial Arts Fight Gym on the corner of 9th street and Orange.

These massages take place upstairs and are Sports, Deep Tissue or Ashiatsu massage.

Sports Massage is designed to increase range of motion, help your muscles recover from demanding physical activities like cycling, weight lifting, and any sport or intense workout regimen. Safe assisted stretching will help you to go beyond your maximum flexibility, as well as break down the adhesions that are gluing your muscles together and restricting your movements. This leaves you free to run faster, stretch farther and lift more easily.

Deep Tissue is exclusive to the experienced massage client. It is the deep manipulation of skeletal muscle and its associated connective tissues. When you have deep tension and severe knots causing headaches and numbness, a deep tissue massage can break up muscle fibers to release the build of toxins and lactic acid that’s causing so much discomfort.

Ashiatsu, or barefoot massage spanning across our great world. This unique modality brings the smooth gliding movements of traditional massage together with the broad surface of the foot to apply a deep and relaxing massage.

The rooms are beautiful but can be loud as they are located in a gym and very close to the train tracks. If the noise is a concern please schedule at our main location.

Price: $75-85/60 min
$110-125/90 min
$160-170/120 min