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Specific Injury

If you are experiencing a specific injury, pre/post surgery rehabilitation or have chronic disease that is causing you pain and discomfort this is the session for you.

Your first session will involve a more thorough intake and assessment process as well as recommendations of self-care that can include stretches, self-massage techniques, and information on reducing inflammation. Depending on the best approach to help you achieve your maximum potential of relief we may recommended a series of follow up sessions to continue your healing.
Because the nature of our office there may be other staff present during the intake and outtake of this session. This allows an easier transition if any of your follow up visits will need to take place with another therapist.

While we do try to keep you with the same therapist sometimes scheduling conflicts determine that it is better for your care to have a session or more with another therapist. If you’re unable to keep on the right schedule with your primary therapist we don’t want your healing to suffer.

*If you’re being referred from your Physical Therapist, MD or other health care professional and would like for us to be able to communicate about your care, please print off the AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION from our Contact Page. This form will need to be filled out by them with proof of your identification for California HIPPA laws to allow us to communicate about your care.

Price: Varies