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Yoga for Mind & Body

At Creating a Sustainable You, we offer private yoga therapy sessions and small group classes. We believe in honoring the individual needs of every person who walks into our studio; we want to get to know you and learn what your goals are with your practice. Our studio is a safe, comfortable and non-competitive environment.

We are trained to work with special populations, limited mobility, injury and illness, and those who are brand new to yoga.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga that incorporates breathwork and mindful movement, taught at a moderate pace. Class begins with grounding, centering and intention setting. Initial postures are held for a few breaths in order to imprint proper alignment and body awareness, and then we will move fluidly from one pose to the next, linking breath with movement. The sequence of postures varies for each class, and follows an intelligent progression in order to warm up muscles and joints as we work toward a peak pose. Great for any experience level. Newer students will be able to modify poses and work on building a solid and safe foundation while more experienced students will be offered advanced variations to add more challenge. This class incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus all in one session.

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Establish a safe and sustainable yoga practice with our Yoga Foundations series. Each class incorporates a warm-up followed by a workshop-style lesson targeting a specific area of the body, then deep relaxation. Specific focuses include arms and shoulders, hips, core stability, spinal health and low back, chakra-inspired and energy healing practices, and the 8 limbs of yoga. You will have the chance to ask questions and receive personalized feedback and optional hands-on assists for your alignment in each pose. The slow-paced, supportive environment is meant to help you establish a practical, stable and pain-free yoga practice that you can do at home, in other studios, and on an ongoing basis here at Creating a Sustainable You.

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Two things set this class apart from others. First, the class size is so small that it’s considered semi-private. With a maximum of four total students, you’re guaranteed a higher level of attention from the teacher. Second, Therapeutic Yoga classes are appropriate even for those who’ve never done yoga, don’t think they’re “flexible enough,” and it’s safe for most injuries/conditions. Third, Jeanette will check in with everyone at the beginning of class so that she can
tailor the day’s sequence to the needs of the class. In a Therapeutic Yoga class, Jeanette strives to develop understanding each individual and their needs. For this reason, you’ll need to fill out an intake form before taking this class. It’s highly recommended that new students see Jeanette privately three times.

*Limited to 4 students per class

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This class is designed for those who may be new to yoga, those who may be injured or are just seeking a gentle class.  Jane creates a blend of restorative poses, yin yoga (longer held poses to improve flexibility) and gentle movements with simple breath work are incorporated into this class. With the students in mind, Jane will be guide you through the movements according to your own level of experience and introduce you to easy breathing and meditation techniques, so that each class will leave you feeling rejuvenated yet relaxed.

*Limited to 5 students per class

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Enjoy a fun, social atmosphere as Jeanette takes you through a safe yoga practice targeted
to your specific needs. Jeanette will check in with everyone in the class as it’s beginning to ensure all areas of concern are addressed. Most of the practice will be done in chairs, with an option to stand and work on your balance. This class is suitable for those with spinal and other injuries, arthritis,
osteoporosis, limited mobility, etc. You’ll need to complete a brief intake form before attending this class. It’s highly recommended that new students see Jeanette privately three times.

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In your first private session we will evaluate your needs based on the information you give on the intake form and in a brief interview. Since Yoga Therapy seeks to address the entire person, you can expect a wide range of topics to come up in this process including stress, lifestyle, surgeries, medical conditions, and anything else that relates to your wellness. If you have had MRIs, please bring the summary reports. We will also lead you through a few movements to further assess what practices will be effective for you. In consequent sessions, you can expect to be led through practices targeted to your specific needs and goals. You’ll also receive a “prescription,” of movements, breathing exercises, or meditations that you can do every day to empower yourself towards greater well-being.

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During this time will find the most effective stretches and self massage techniques to better improve your ability to reduce pain and restriction in your body by using a mix of static, dynamic, and Ballistic stretching.

You will also have the opportunity to use a variety of massage tools to find the best fit for your needs. You will then be able to take this knowledge and continue taking care of yourself at home and on the go.  

Massage and stretching is a great and quick way to relieve stress, calm the mind, and increase your flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow to your muscles; among many other benefits.

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